About Salaun Consulting

We are a Consulting enterprise specialised  in offering services of Marketing, Press, & Public Relations (PR), aiming to improve the virtues of each product and service, identifying the main concepts and attractions, in order to achieve a better positioning  in a national and international level. Always achieving the attraction of right targets.

Luciana Salaün
Luciana SalaünMarketing & Press Director
Licensed in Hotels & Gastronomy asdminstration, with over nine years of experience, was formed in great Hotels Representations, among them: N/A Country and Hotels in charge of: Press & Publicity Manager, GGM & Asoc. and PHC (High quality Hotel Consulting, in an international level).
She has also grown as a Marketing and sells Manager toward a national and international market, in ecological hotels “Ecotulum Resorts & Spa”, in Riviera Maya, Mexico.
In her career she participated and carried through several important hotel start-ups, including 7 high quality hotel openings such us Puerto Valle, Vitrum, Nuss, Posada Puerto Bemberg, Azul Real Hotel, La Solana, Le Biblo.)
Such Experience allowed her to develop different plans adjusted to each hotel, highlighting the main characteristics of each hotel and destination to impulse them, taking advantage of every resource and channel.
Silvina Salaun
Silvina SalaunComercial Director
Licensed in Hotels & Gastronomy administration, began her career nine years ago in hotel marketing, having worked to important hotels such as Milton Buenos Aires for 4 years in reservation and corporative sells area, in Hotel Emperador as Tour & Travel account executive, and finally gaining experience as corporations accounts executive for Grupo FËN hotels, commercializing the 14 hotels in the group.
This experience has generated a very deep knowledge in corporations, tour & travel and meeting planning, to develop selling programs adjusted to each product, and service, and gathering different contacts, through a wide data base with regional, national and international information.

Our Services

Commercial Strategy

Salaün Consulting offers design of a national sells red, regional and international to position each product or service in different markets.


Institutional Communication

Salaün Consulting helps identifying the better wary to transmit the essential concept of each product/ service from moments “0”, or then, generating an image refresh.


Online demand generation

Salaün Consulting offers assistance in web pages development as fundamental sales tool, besides digital pieces development in addition to generate demand and web traffic.

SEO, PPC and Social Media implementation with the objective of improving web visibility and consequently increasing qualified traffic, from main web searchers.


Press, publicity and positioning

Salaün Consulting develops plans adjusted to each Project, next to the client, in order to get to transmit the philosophy and essential concept of each product/ service, achieving maximal tangibility & adapting information to different targets.



Camberland Ramallo

Pilar, Buenos Aires

Camberland Pilar

Pilar, Buenos Aires

Ker Hoteles

Recoleta, San Telmo, Belgrano, Villa Urquiza

Grand Hotels Lux

4 hoteles, en 3 destinos únicos, Iguazú, Punta del Este, Recoleta

Iraola Hotel Boutique

Cafayate, Salta

Posada Puerto Bemberg

Puerto Libertad, Misiones

La Malbequería

Palermo, Buenos Aires

República del Fuego

Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Lo De Jesus y La Malbequería

Palermo, Buenos Aires

Vain Boutique Hotel

Palermo, Buenos Aires

Ander Local Food

Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Puesto Viejo Estancia

Cañuelas, Buenos Aires

Posada La Matilde

San Javier, Córdoba

Estancia La Raquel

Castelli, Buenos Aires

BDA Hotel & Spa

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Hotel Libertador

Centro, Buenos Aires

Revire Brasas Bravas

Centro, Buenos Aires

New Point Madrid

Madrid, España.

New Point Miami

Miami, Florida. Estados Unidos.

Azur Real Hotel Boutique

Córdoba Capital, Córdoba

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